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How To: Find what Schema updates have been performed

The AD schema can be extended by installing additional schema extensions, which add additional classes and\or attributes.  There is no builtin method to determine what schema extensions have been installed.  NetTools, however, does have an option to display the schema updates that have been added to the AD.

The Schema History option uses the WhenCreated attribute to determine when changes were made to the AD, and then using it's internal database to try and retrieve the name of the update based on what attributes or classes have been added.

See Schema History List

LDAP Search – Populate

The LDAP Search Populate button is used to load a number of configuration options from the server, these details are then used to enable a number of other features in LDAP Search, this article provides the details of the features that are enabled.  The Populate button is shown below.

Server Bar

When the button is pressed the RootDSE for the server is retrieved and the following details are populated.

  • Sets the ##default, ##config, and ##schema variables with the corresponding naming contexts. See LDAP Search Favorites
  • Set the server field to the server that provided the RootDSE
  • Sets the BaseDN field to the default naming context in the RootDSE, if the server is not AD, this will be set to the first non Configration based NC
  • Instantiates the LDAP API so filter validation is enabled
  • If the Auto Complete option is enabled, the complete list of attributes is also downloaded from the server and the Attribute List button is enabled
  • The complete list of Attributes and classes are available in the LDAP Filter Wizard