NetTools is a free tool, which provides the ability to troubleshoot, query, report and update Active Directory and other LDAP based directories.  It includes over 80 different features to help with AD troubleshooting and includes over 280 predefined LDAP queries.  The queries cover common audit reports and information extracts, including AD, CA, Computers, Contacts, GPOs, Groups, OUs, Printers, SCCM, and Users.

NetTools features are grouped into the sections listed below, to help select the correct option when diagnosing common AD issues. 

          • Access Control
          • AD Replication
          • AD Sites
          • Authentication
          • Groups
          • Group Policies
          • Information
          • LDAP
          • Schema
          • Name Resolution
          • Network
          • Trusts
          • Users
          • Misc

NetTools is a single executable that doesn't require any installation, which makes it ideal for field based troubleshooting. 

NetTools also includes a powerful and feature rich LDAP client that can query, browse, update, and interrogate Active Directory, and other LDAP directories.