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LDAP Search – Dynamic and Sort Attributes Options

These two options control how NetTools will display attributes in the LDAP Search option. 

Dynamic Attributes
By default the Dynamic Attributes option is selected, with this option selected, when the LDAP Search query is run, NetTools will query the Schema for a set of known attribute type and assign the corresponding Decode Type to the attribute.  When the attribute is displayed, the decode type will be used to display the contents of the attribute.

Sort Attribute
This option is also enabled by default and causes the schema to queried to retrieve the details of the selected output attributes, the results are then assigned to the table view sort function, so the attributes are sorted correctly associated to the attribute type, i.e. number, text, date, IP address, etc.  If this option is turn off, all data will be sorted based on the default alpha sort function.  

Both of these options cause additional data to be requested from the server, this can impact the time taken to display the results, especially if the target server is on the other end of a slow link.  Turning these options off is a balancing between function and speed.