Copy to new Window

The Copy to new Window context menu, provides the ability to copy the results from the current output pane in NetTools to a new separate detached window.  The new window provides the ability to sort and filter the view based on a number of selection criteria.

By right clicking on the column headers, the filter dialog box will be displayed.  This allows the entries in the column to be filtered based on a text filter or a contents selection.  You can select a text or context filter, or both.


The Text Filter provides the following filter options:

      • Equals
      • Does not Equal
      • Begins With
      • Does not begin with
      • Ends with
      • Does not end with
      • Contains
      • Does not contain

The Column Filter section displays all the unique items in the column, using the check boxes you can select which items will be displayed. 

When a column filter is applied the heading of the column to appended with the text '- (filtered)'.  The Clear All button, will remove all the filters that have been applied. 

The filter function support up to a maximum of 200 columns, if the output field contains more than 200 columns, a warning message is displayed and filtering option is disabled.