NetTools v1.25.11

ACL Browser
Update ACL\ACE Flags option view to display the raw mask data and mask after processing, which will show if there are any unprocessed masks
Trustee Mode updated so only the ACE that apply to the trustee are displayed.
Trustee Information dialog updated to displays the SIDs and associated name for the trustee.  Now also includes the ability to add or remove SIDs to a trustee's SID list, to provide the ability to evaluate the impact of changing a trustee's permissions

Updated SDProp to display the results in a list view
Added an option to trigger SDProp Process
Added context menu to reset ACL and AdminCount on selected users See SDProp for updated details

LDAP Search 
Update LDAP Filter Wizard to move change function on a separate button rather than linked to the type selection.
Added new Substitution option {-1:} which will be replaced with 9223372036854775807, which is 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF and is used on a number of attributes to indicate that the function\operation of the attribute is not set, as in the case for AccountExpires. e.g. (&(accountexpires=*)(!accountexpires=0)(!accountexpires={-1:}))  See LDAP Search Substitutions

Copy to new Window
The functionality of the Copy to new Window has been updated to include the ability filter the displayed results based on text and content filters.  See Copy to new Window for details