NetTools v1.24.0

A few new functions introduced with this version as I have been doing more work around websites and internet based services. A interesting note that I found while writing the Trace Route function, the standard method to complete the TTL ICMP echo is using the standard winsocket RAW method, however, I found that the default settings of the Windows firewall would block this traffic and would require the user to allow this traffic for the function to work correctly. This was unexpected especially as this is not required for the MS command line tracert utility and there are no default rules to allow this traffic. After a bit of playing around, I used the IcmpSendEcho API, and these packets bypass the firewall completely and there is no way to block them. I wonder how many other MS APIs bypass the firewall completely and means you can’t block this traffic!

Trace Route ** New **
A multi-threaded Trace Route option that provides the fastest possible result by testing all hops at the same time, displaying the complete route in under 3 seconds
WhoIS ** New **
An option to query WhoIs databases for both IP and domain details
IP Geo Location ** New **
An option to display the Geo location information of an IP address
HTTP Headers ** New **
An option to display the HTTP headers of a website
UNC Check ** New **
New option to check a UNC path, this will check that server’s IP address is resolvable, share exists and permissions to access the file systems and display which part of the path is valid or not
URL Check ** New **
An option that combines all of the above web based tests against a domain name
Added additional error handling around ini file reads and writes to prevent exception caused by disconnected shares
ACL Browser
Updated so the GUID and SID caches are not cleared between searches for the same domain to improve performance, manual clear Cache option added
Updated ACL Flags option to display allow and deny flags in the ACL
Added context menu option to display AD properties dialog
Fixed bug that could cause an exception error
AD Properties Dialog
Added the object name to the title of the dialog
Update ProxyAddresses to allow multiple line selection
Updated members and memberOf to use the domain context of the displayed object rather than the server’s default context, so the PrimaryGroupID is resolved correctly
AD Sites
Change the site option to a dropdown list of available AD sites
Fixed issues with Hex decode not showing the last line of the text dump
DCs in Sites
Change the site option to a dropdown list of available AD sites
Find Trustee Assignments
Updated so the search can include the Owner in the results
LDAP Search
Defined parentGUID, msExchOnPremiseObjectGuid, msDC-ConsistencyGuid as GUID decode type
Added option in LDAP Filter wizard select if Not queries comply with RFC4515. MS LDAP supports the format as in RFC4515 and an abbreviated version that doesn’t require extra parenthesis around the filter for Not statements, i.e. RFC4515 format: (!(objectclass=user)), MS format (!objectclass=user)
Updated LDAP Location Selector to use BaseDN rather than the DC’s default domain context
Conditional attributes updated to include the Len option, which returns the string length of the variable
LDAP Browser
Updated shift start functionality on the LDAP Search option to start in a new instance so multiple browsers can be opened
Updated to support LDAP directories that don’t use the AllowedAttributes on the list available attributes on objects
Meta Data Dialog
Updated with an option to display times in UTC or local time
Updated to include the machine\domain reference of the trustees
Org Structure
Added option to only display direct reports that have active accounts
Added option to specify Naming Context to support non-contiguous name spaces
Fixed exception error when the manager attribute is not set
Overlapping Subnets
Updated the results text from errors to overlaps to reflect changes in MS recommendations on catch all entries
Fixed bug that could cause an exception if output to file selected but no filename specified
Updated to the success and failed results are displayed correctly and clears the previous results before tests start
Schema Browser
Updated screen redraw to improve display speed
Schema History
Added Exchange 2016 CU7
Schema Version
Updated to include Exchange CU5-7
Added the Exchange Forest Version
SID Converter
Updated the output to display the SID in a number of different formats, including LDAP filter, ADSI, Hex and Base64
Site Browser
Added extra column to display the replication type on the list site view
Added stop button on the site coverage to stop the current lookups
Updated to display Site Settings for each site
Updated to display Policy Query settings for the setting and domain controllers, if a new policy has not been defined, the default policy is displayed
Time Converter
Updated to display the time entered as UTC, local to UTC, and UTC to local
User Rights & Logon
Changed the output to be tab and table based to allow easier viewing and copying
User Search
Updated search to support downlevel name format <domain>\<identity>
Updated Use With option for Org Structure to pass the server context if it’s changed from the default
Changed GC Option to clear the current list to prevent GC\No-GC lookups issues
Fixed bug where the scope list would not be updated correctly if an error occurs while getting domain list