NetTools v1.23.0

Ping ** New **
A new feature that allows multiple devices to be pinged at the same time, paste a list of end points to be pinged, supports short names, FQDN and IP addresses, just paste a list of IP addresses, names, or FQDN to scan

Extended Rights ** New **
Provides the ability to display what extended rights have been assigned to each schema class

Org Structure ** New **
New feature that allows you to browser the organization structure as defined in the AD by the Manager and Delegates attributes

Clipboard Format Viewer ** New **
New feature that allows you display the format of the data that is currently in the clipboard buffer

AD Properties
Updated to use the GC for Membership lookup to increase the performance of group resolution
Added the Hide from GAL option on the Exchange tab
Added LAPS tab to display the details associated to the Local Administrator Password Service on computer object
Added AD and GC server details used to retrieve the details

ACL Browser
Updated to include SACL tab, this requires the SeSecurity right to display the SACL permissions

LDAP Search
Added Display results to update query to increase the performance of updates when updating the attributes on multi-value attributes i.e. Member
Added LDAP filter wizard which provides a graphical query designer
Added an additional filter substitution for an multiple string ANR search. {anr:<string>}
Defined ms-Mcs-AdmPwdExpirationTime as 64Time
Fixed Hex display issue
Fixed bug where results not being displayed when conditional attributes is used
Fixed potential protocol error when SACL option selected
Set the table view as the default option

LDAP Performance
Updated to provide better precision on the timing results

Updated to display both local and global groups and displays the members of a selected group

RID Pool
Updated to use DNS Hostname rather than short name to help name resolution issues

Schema History
Updated to support Exchange CU2 & 3, Windows 10 LAPS

Version Checking
Updated version checking to taking into account changes to Dropbox public folders