LDAP Search – Enums

NetTools includes over 50 predefined enumeration to decode the values assigned to specific attributes, these include the definitions of associated values assigned to the attributes. An example would be the UserAccountControl attribute, which is shown below. To display the Enums dialog, click on the button at the end of the filter field.

The dialog can be used to browse the predefined entries and from the context menus, the values can then be used in filters.

There are two type of Enums defined in NetTools, Bit and Value.  The Bit enums are used for attributes that use a bit mask to define the function of the attribute, and a single bit in the value is used to represent an enabled or disabled state of an option.  The Value type is used for attributes that have a single value to represent the function.

The Enums are used by attributes that have the ATTRIBENUM or ATTRIBENUM_NONUM decode type assigned, the attribute name is then used to lookup the corresponding enums assigned to that attribute.  Currently there is no method for a user to add additional Enum to NetTools, they are statically defined in the program.