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NetTools V1.26.0

Group Changes  ** New **
An audit function to show the group membership changes for the specified user.  See Group Changes

ACL Browser
Added the List objects permissions into the properties list view
Changed the default behavior when changing between ACL’s so any column sort orders are removed, and ACE are displayed in the order in the ACL.
Changed the first column to include the ACL Index number

Attribute Replication
Fix a scope issue so the attributes in the root object can be checked 

Copy to new Window
Added an context menu option to open a new window with the list unique column details
Now supports the Dynamic and Sort column sorts

Extended Rights
Fixed bug where GUID was not displayed

Added help button on each page which links back to the NetTools website for more information

Group Manger
Added support for email\upn in user input
Added Select All\Deselect All context menu options

LDAP Browser
Fixed indexing error when browsing a directory via the global catalog

LDAP Search
The current filter is now displayed in the text pane for each iteration of the query when in Input Mode

Last Logon Time
Added extra column for PwdLastSet 

Meta Data
Removed the 1000 item display limit on replication details.

Overlapping Subnets
Updated the display adding green and yellow indicator to show if the IP address range is assigned to different sites

Added context menu option to request a privilege

Schema Browser
Added the Index column to show if an attribute is Indexed or not