NetTools v1.18.3

Mail Conflicts  **New**
A new test that is useful for diagnosing Quest DirSync 0xaa0000a7 errors.  The test will check if the mail addresses assigned to the source object already exists on objects in the target domain.  These conflicts stop Quest from merging\migrating mail enabled objects

Mail Unique  **New**
A test to confirm that the mail details of an object are unique in the same forest.  Just paste a list of samaccountnames of objects and check Go.  Any duplicates will be displayed

DC Updates
Now has the option to limit which DC are display and monitored based on the domain context
Added current time from each DC to show if DCs are in time sync

LDAP Search
Added option to specify the number of items returned per page query
Added new UTC options for 64time, gtftime decodes
Added 64Date back as it disappeared for some reason
Filter help updated with the substitution options
Added Reset button to set the options to the default settings
Added decodes for msFVE-KeyPackage, msFVE-RecoveryGuid, and msFVE-VolumeGuid
Added decodes for proxyaddresses, these are more display filters than decodes types, only the specified entries are displayed. SMTP, X400, X500, By using the P options only the primary entry (upper case) is displayed PSMTP, PX500, PX400

LDAP Browser
Fixed bug in the user defined columns not being displayed correctly
Updated the context menu to support LDAP Search updates

LDAP Performance
Disabled referrals on one level search so sub domains don’t impact the test results
Added stop button
Added option to purge Kerberos tickets between test to test the authentication process on each pass

AD Properties
Computer objects now includes the account logon details tab

User Details
Changed the context menu to include Use with, so search results can be piped to other tests in NetTools

Fixed bug in ini file read\write functions, so the ini file is only updated in the startup directory
Manage List ** New ** context menu option to manage dropdown lists

DecodeType list:
    GTFTIME - Generalized Time Format, local time
    GTFTIME_UTC - Generalized Time Format, UTC
    FILETIME - Win32 File Date & Time Format
    64TIME - Win32 64bit Date & Time Format, local time
    64TIME_UTC - Win32 64bit Date & Time Format, UTC
    64DATE - Win32 64bit Date Format
    GUID - Windows GUID
    SID - Display Security Identifier in text form
    SID_REL - Display the relative name of the SID
    RIDPOOL - RID Pool Allocations
    IP - DWORD IP address in windows order
    IPN - DWORD IP address in network order
    ATTRIBENUM - predefined enumerate
    DSA_SIG - DSA Signature
    NTDS_DSA_OPT - Returns the options for the Options of NTDSDSA
    NTDS_CONN_OPT - Returns the options for the Options of NTDSConnection
    SITE_LINK_OPT - Returns the options for the Options of SiteLink
    TRANSPORT_OPT - Returns the options for the Options of transport container
    NTDSSSITE_OPT - Returns the options for the Options of NTDS Sites Settings
    REPL_UTDV - NC Up ToDateness Vectors
    REPS_INFO - Replication neighbours RepsTo and RepsFrom
    SD - Security Descriptor in SDDL format
    SD_SID - Returns the SID of all entries in the SD
    SD_SID_DACL - Returns the SID of the DACL entries in the SD
    SD_SID_SACL - Returns the SID of the SACL entries in the SD
    SD_SID_OWNER - Returns the SID of the Owner in the SD
    SD_NAME - Returns the resolved names of all the entries in the SD
    SD_NAME_DACL - Returns the resolved names of the DACL entries in the SD
    SD_NAME_SACL - Returns the resolved names of the SACL entries in the SD
    SD_NAME_OWNER - Returns the resolved name of the owner in the SD
    BIN - Binary list
    SIZE - The size of the data returned
    COUNT - Returns the number of entries in the attribute
    DNSRECORD - DNS entries
    DNSRECORD.TYPE - return only the type type field
    DNSRECORD.VERSION - return only the version field
    DNSRECORD.RANK - return only the rank field
    DNSRECORD.SERIAL - return only the serial field
    DNSRECORD.TTL - return only the ttl field
    DNSRECORD.TIMEOUT - return only the timeout field
    DNSRECORD.TIMESTAMP - return only the timestamp field
    DNSRECORD.DATA - return only the data field
    BEROID - Basic Encoding Rules (BER) Organization Identifier
    DNSPROPERTY - DNS Properties entries
    CERT - Certificates
    CRL - Certificate Revocation List
    PWDSEC - Password secounds
    MSTRUST - Decoder for msds-TrustForestTrustInfo
    PERIOD - Certificate renewal period
    SMTP - Display only smtp entries
    X400 - Display only x400 entries
    X500 - Display only x500 entries
    PSMTP - Display primary smtp entry
    PX400 - Display primary  x400 entry
    PX500 - Display primary x500 entry