NetTools v1.11.0

SPN - Rewrite of the SPN search feature to use the Global Catalog, now uses LDAP API set instead of ADSI APIs for increased performance.
Kerberos Tickets – added feature to request a ticket for a registered SPN.  Can be used to test that the AD is configured correctly for a given SPN
Schema Class Browser – Option to view AD properties of the Attributes
LDAP Search
New LDAP Session options feature to allow complete control over the LDAP session, and display return Session options from a search
New decodes for – dnsrecord, dnsproperty, omobjectclass, msDS-MaximumPasswordAge, msDS-MinimumPasswordAge, msDS-LockoutObservationWindow, msDS-LockoutDuration, userCertificate, userSMIMECertificate, attributeCertificateAttribute for certificates it displays the subject name, or SAN, or UPN whichever is set
Dynamic Attributes updated to use a new Hashing algorithm for improved performance on attribute lookups
Improved reporting for LDAP Referrals
Improved support for non MS LDAP servers
Display multiple attributes one per line
Inline filter substitution for guid, sid and oid i.e. (omobjectclass={oid:}) or (objectisd={sid: S-1-5-21-3499964120-3315823391-1593708255-164234}) or (objectguid={guid:00AD5B16-8E22-49D5-B83A-BFDEA6DFF7DE})
Object Properties
Updated to report User Account Control settings
New members of and member list with more detail, with load on demand to improve display times
SPN and delegation details
Support for computer objects
User Rights – updated to display user privileges