User Search

User Search

This option provides the capability to search for objects in the Active Directory, based on the provided search string. The search can be across the entire forest or limited to a specific domain, it can be only user object or any object in the forest.

  • Configured by default to return only User objects, but can search for anything
  • Search for objects at the domain or forest level.  Searches can be limited to specific domain contexts, or use the GC for full forest searches
  • Use GC to resolve foreign objects
  • Searches use ANR based queries for best performance
  • User definable columns
  • Context menu option to link the selected object to other functions
  • AD Properties, Meta data, and Attributes dialogs can displayed for returned objects
  • Previous searches are temporarily saved in dropdown list
  • Configuration changes are automatically saved
  • User Icons represent the account status, i.e. disabled, expired, or locked accounts

The Use With option on the context menu allows you to use the selected item with another option in NetTools, items on the menu will enabled based on the item selected.

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