GPO Explorer


GPO Explorer provides the ability to browse GPOs and their allocations. It supports similar functionality as the Group Policy Manager, allowing viewing of GPO configuration, permissions, OU structure browsing, policy inheritance, display the raw settings in the policies, covering registry, scripts, GptTmpl, GPP settings. Includes the option to view and edit policies using gpedit or GPMC editor, if it's installed.

The left hand pane contains the directory structure of the domain, and the Group Policy Objects.  The right hand pane will change based on the items selected in the left hand pane. When an item in the AD directory structure is selected, the right hand pane will display the GPO allocation\inheritance\contents view, when in this view if a policy is selected, the GPO configuration view is displayed in the lower half of the pane for the select GPO.  When the Group Policy Objects is selected the right hand pane will display the GPO List view. If an individual GPO under the Group Policy Objects is selected the GPO Configuration view is displayed.

GPO Allocation View

The Assigned Policies tab will show which GPOs have been assigned to the selected OU. The Inherited Policy tab shows which policies will be inherited based on the selected OU, any forced policies will be highlighted. The Contents tab will display the contents of the selected OU.

GPO Configuration Split View

Group Policy Object View

GPO Configuration View

GPO configuration Settings

GPO Scope View

GPO Settings Security

WMI Filter View

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