Beta version of NetTools

Note: This is the current beta version of NetTools. While it may contain new or additional features over the stable release version, it could also have issues that haven't yet been fixed.  There is no guarantee that all features in this version will make it into the next release.  If you find an issue with this version, please contact me via the contact page.

Latest Version: v1.32.6 (Beta)   

Changes in v1.32.6

General - Added an option to the main toolbar to allow the open dialogs to be brought to the top.  Also added dialog tracking so if the dialog for the same object is opened twice, the existing dialog is displayed instead of opening another dialog.  It is still possible to open multiple copies by holding down the Control key when selecting the dialog.  This functionality covers the Properties, Meta Data, Permissions, Attributes, and Org Structure dialogs.

Changes in v1.32.5

Export Permission - fixed intermittent exception error when performing a subtree export.

Changes in v1.32.4

AD Properties Dialog - Updated to display the Kerberos Resource-Based Delegation details.

AD Permissions Browser - Updated Permissions export dialog to include options to specified separator character and limit which permissions are included in the export.

Object Compare - Updated the DN fields to support search if the entry is not a valid object.

Changes in v1.32.3

AD Permissions Browser - You can now filter the different types of Inheritance.  Click on the Inheritance column header and select the filter type required.  Fixed a bug where trustee mode doesn't display correctly when running from a computer not connected to the domain

Changes in v1.32.2

GPO Explorer - I love the nostalgia of the old GPO Tools, but it's painful to use when troubleshooting, so I added a GUI output for the domain-level testing.

LDAP Search - Fixed bug when using profiles, the profile name was used to complete the certificate validation.  Increased the logging level for certificate validation and now shows the host name used to validate the certificate.  Updated the Enumeration values for the SupportedExtendedControls.

Changes in v1.32.1

General - Added support to disable version checking in the configuration file - VersionCheck=false

Schema Version - Updated support Windows 2025.

Group Policy Explorer - Updated Permissions page to support the colour coding for permissions.

This software is Freeware.  You use NetTools at your own risk. I do not warrant this software to be fit for any purpose and I cannot be held accountable for any form of data loss that occurs as a result of using this program, you use it at your own risk.