Beta version of NetTools

Note: This is the current beta version of NetTools, while it may contain new or additional features over the stable release version, it could also have issues which haven't yet been fixed.  There is no guarantee that all feature in this version will make it into the next release.  If you do find an issue with this version please let me know via the contact page.

Version: v1.29.38 (Beta)

ASN.1 Viewer     
An option to display ASN.1 data structures, support for DER, PEM, PKCS#7, and PKCS#12 file formats, and manual input in hex and base64 formats.  Includes support for common x.509 field types.

An option to run an LDAP query with the DirSync server side control to display what changes have been made of the select context.

Domain Changes     
An option to display which objects have been changed/created or replicated to the domain controller, based on the objects with updated USNChanged attribute.

Object Count     
An option to count the number of different types of objects that exist under the selected OU structure.  Selectable object types for Users, Groups, Computers, Active Users and all objects.

Updated graphics to use Windows 2008 based icons
Added additional command line options to allow a LDAP Search Favorite to specified and run from the command line, /f:<favorite name>, i.e. NetTools "/f:AD: RootDSE"  The /Q option is also available which will cause NetTools to quit after the query has finished running.
Added a new Find feature to enable searching for items in the result.
Added additional validation on some feature to prevent errors or exceptions.
Added LDIF Export option to context menus to allow the objects to exported to file in ldif file format.
Time and Dates now displayed based on locale and regional settings, LDAP Search Substitution input entries and time converter are still dd/mm/yy format - but will be updated in the next beta

ACL Browser
Added Group Members and Group Manager options to the context menus.

AD Attributes
Updated to remove the dependency on the AllowedAttributes to allow the objects from non AD based directories to be displayed.

AD Properties
Updated the TokenGroups tab to include the SID of the names that are resolved against each entry.    Also includes an option to use Absolute SID Resolution, this is to help identify any entries that are associated to SID History.
Update Members tab to also display which members have been removed from the group and when.
Bug fix so a double click on the direct reports will open the selected entry.
Updated the object selector used to manage group membership to support a paste option, so multiple entries can be added to the selection list.  Supports DN, samaccountname, upn, email, and name, with any combination of these.

Updated to use dynamic buffers rather than static to allow for larger decodes.
Fixed bug that could cause exception error.
Added option to decode output to file.
Added option to be able to display hex or base64 outputs in the ASN.1 viewer.
Improved the handling of the extra space in the data input.

Updated the selectable options to include DS8, DS9, DS10, and Key Lists.
Updated the flags decode to display the full flags names, and added support for DS9, DS10, Key Lists.

DC Resolution
Updated the ports option to allow lists of ports to be defined and selected, simplifying the testing of different services.

GPO Explorer
Added a new context menu to the Contents tab of the GPO Allocation view that links to GPO Viewer to display the GPOs that have been applied to a workstation.  GPO Viewer must be in the same directory as NetTools for this option to be available.
Added a detailed site list view with indication if policies are applied to the site.
Double click to WMI filter viewer to display policy details.
Added GPO Results to context menu to the Content tab of the GPO Allocation view, to provide GPO Viewer based policy allocation natively in NetTools, without the need for an external program.
Updated to display the wireless and wired GPO settings.
Updated to display which client side extensions are assigned to the GPO.
Update the Settings view for the registry items to display all the registry entries in the registry.pol as a single list, the option is available by clicking on the Settings item at the top of the registry tree.
Updated a number of context menus to include some of the standard options, which were missing.

LDAP Search
Conditional Attributes - updated logic so an attribute with no value set is also tested against the condition statement. i.e. location!=london will be true if no value is set.
Conditional Attributes - updated so the position of the wildcard character is position sensitive, if the wildcard character is placed at the begin of the search criteria i.e. *disable, then 'disable' will match any where in the attribute. If the wildcard is placed at the end of the search citeria i.e. disable*, the a match only occurs if disable is at the start of the attribute.
Conditional Attributes - the entered case of static entries is now presevered.
Custom Controls updated to allow data encoding type to be defined, data can now be defined as String or Integer encoded using BER encoding, or Non-BER encoded Integer.
Option to display server controls that are sent and returned as a hex dump and ASN.1 structure dump in the text output view, option is selected in the Manage Controls dialog.
Updated Search Statistics option to automatically change which sets of search stats are returned based on the domain controller functional level.
Updated Attributes field to also support the getdn substitution, so they can be used in the update queries.
Updated the MSTRUST DecodeType for the msds-TrustForestTrustInfo attribute to provide details of excluded routing suffixes.
Updated Filter processing to remove the case sensitivity of boolean expressions.
The don't Display Results option for Update Queues will now prevent the attribute pre-read before updates which significantly improves the performance when updating attributes with more than a few thousand values.
Updated REPS_INFO DecodeType used by repsto and repsfrom attributes to support V2 data structure format.

Meta Data Dialog
Updated Value replication table to include local and originating USN details.

Renamed the option to Local Groups.

Organisation Structure
Change the default view to display reporting lines, including peers and direct reports as seperate items.  Still has the option to display the old tree view as this is more useful in some scenario.
Fixed exception introduced in 1.29.18.

Replication Queues
Updated authentication to use DSBindWithCred instead to DsBind to allow the credentials from the Connection Profiles to be used.

Included a key shortcut to allow new entries to be manually entered using the Insert key, a dialog will be displayed to allow an entry to be added.
Context menu updated to be object sensitive and will enable and disable option based on the object selected.
Display GPO Results added to the Use with context menu.
Fixed bug where the item count may be incorrect.

SID Converter
Update output view to use a column view to simplify the output and easier copy of details between options.
Added the option to display SID details from a Base64 format input.

Schema Versions
Updated to include support for Exchange 2019 CU8 & CU9, 2016 CU19 & 20

Time Converter
Updated to include a dump of the UTC time in FILETIME data structure format, dwHighDateTime:dwLowDateTime.

User Search
Updated Use With context menu to include Local Groups option, to allow the local groups of member machines to be viewed.
Updated Use With context menu to include GPO Results on computer objects that are returned.

This software is Freeware. Use at your own risk. I do not warrant this software to be fit for any purpose and I cannot be held accountable for any loss of data that occurrs as a result of using this program, you use it at your own risk.