Beta version of NetTools

Note: This is the current beta version of NetTools, while it may contain new or additional features over the stable release version, it could also have issues which haven't yet been fixed.  There is no guarantee that all features in this version will make it into the next release.  If you find an issue with this version, please let me know via the contact page.

Latest Version: v1.32.1 (Beta)   

Changes in v1.32.1

General - Added support to disable version checking in the configuration file - VersionCheck=false

Schema Version - Updated support Windows 2025.

Group Policy Explorer - Updated Permissions page to support the colour coding for permissions.

This software is Freeware.  You use NetTools at your own risk. I do not warrant this software to be fit for any purpose and I cannot be held accountable for any form of data loss that occurs as a result of using this program, you use it at your own risk.