Beta version of NetTools

Note: This is the current beta version of NetTools, while it may contain new or additional features over the stable release version, it could also have issues which haven't yet been fixed.  There is no guarantee that all feature in this version will make it into the next release.  If you do find an issue with this version please let me know via the contact page.

Latest Version: v1.31.8 (Beta)   

Changes in v1.31.8

LDAP Search - Updated the Manage Control dialog to allow the selection of Sequence encapsulated of the value, to provide better support for other control types. See details here

Changes in v1.31.7

Reports - This option is used to display the direct and indirect reports under the nominated user.  See Reports

Organization dialog - updated to include Organisation Structure in the context menu

General - replaced all instances of strcpy with strncpy to help prevent memory overflows

Changes in v1.31.6

AD Effective Permissions - Updated so all Extended Rights and Validated Write are displayed when the All Extended Rights and All Validated Rights permissions set.  Updated to report on NULL based DACLs.  Added Reset View context menu. Updated logic to cover a few edge use cases based on the Object Inherit flag.

AD Permissions dialog - Updated to provide the ability to edit the permissions of an object.  The edit option can be used in conjunction with the Effective Rights tab to model permission changes. See Permissions Dialog or  How to edit an AD object's permissions

DirSync - Updated the cookie functionality so reports changes if the cookie is sequentially used.

GPO Explorer - Updated the context menu so the Edit GPO option is available in the tree view, and GPO list views.  Updating testing to show the results of the data capture phase if a single server is selected.

Changes in v1.31.5

AD Effective Permissions - a new capability has been added to the AD Permissions Browser and the Permissions dialog to show the Effective Permissions. In AD Permissions Browser the Effective Permissions are shown while browsing the AD.  See AD Effective Permissions for more details.

AD Permissions Browser - Trustee option updated to automatically add Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access group based on the group membership of the group.

GPO Explorer - Updated the GPO list view to include who has been assigned the Apply GPO right.

LDAP Search - Fixed bug that could cause an exception when multiple Date meta data decodes are used

Permissions - Added Effective Rights tab to displays the Effective Permissions of the selected trustee. See Permissions dialog

Search - the Use With context menu updated to include an option to select Effective Permissions

Changes in v1.31.4

AD Properties Dialog - Update function of Absolute checkbox to refresh the TokenGroup list when changed

AD Permissions Browser - Added option to export permissions.  Updated Trustee option to include Pre-Windows 2000 compatible Access group to the selected access token.  Updated Trustee select to display the object search dialog if the user is not found.

AD Permissions Reporter - added option to include Authentication group.  Fixed new rule defaulting the scope selection.

Error Messages - Updated LDAP Error messages to also return the Windows equivalent error message.

Export Permissions - added the option to export the permissions of objects from AD Permissions Browser and Permissions dialog

GPO Explorer - Added additional tabs on the Group Policy Object view to display the Policies and Default GPO permissions.

GPO Test, Updated logic so if sysvol if inaccessible then all sysvol tests reflect the failure.  Fixed an intermittent exception error on the Domain based GPO tests.  Update the tests to include additional testing of the permissions on both AD and Sysvol, and checks that the sysvol permissions are the same across all DCs.

Sysvol Test, Added additional Sysvol test on individual GPO details to test and report on file permissions.

Meta Data dialog - updated to support F5 refresh option

Permissions Dialog - Updated to include SACL permissions

Changes in v1.31.3

AD Permissions Browser - Updated the ACE flags to provide more details of the ACE.

AD Properties - Account option updated to show the status of the User cannot change password based on the object permissions.
Added a Permissions button to the dialog.
Updated the TokenGroup tab so it doesn't refresh each time it's selected.  TokenGroups now uses the Profile cache to improve the performance of name resolution over slow links.

GPO Explorer - Added option to open and view the settings in registry.pol files.

Group Compare - Added a new membership compare option of Member Recursive, which will compare the membership of a group and all nested groups.

LDAP Search - Added metav attribute decode for value based replication details contained in the msds-msDS-ReplValueMetaData attribute.

Object Count - Updated to support GC connections so the count can be completed across the entire forest.

Object Replication - Added context menu option called Move to Top as the first DC in the list is used as the source DC to compare the other DC against.

Changes in v1.31.2

General - Added UAC detection at startup and warn if a restricted token is detected when running on a DC, as some data may not be returned by the DC due to the restricted token.

AD Permissions Browser - Fixed bug where lists contents are not cleared when switching between permissions tabs.

DC Resolution - Updated LDAP and DS binds to use the connection profiles.

DsGetDcName - Added additional option, and added an Advanced View to show the associated as API constants for the options.  Also updated the output to display the details of the flags passed to the API.

LDAP Search - Added decode for UTCTime and change dynamic decode to select UTCTime for OID and OMSyntax = 23.

Ping - Updated context menus to disable change option when tests are running.

Changes in v1.31.1

General - Added better support for Unicode characters that are not included in the current code page.  For DNs that contain a Unicode character, the DN will be encoded as # hexstring  i.e. CN=#04044761C48D,DC=w2k12,DC=local.

AD Permissions Browser - Fixed intermittent error when switching between DACL and Default Security permissions for Schema objects.
Added additional caching when switching between permission types on the same object.

AD Properties Dialog - Updated to handle attributes that can't be resolved or displayed correctly, due to Unicode characters.
Updated to support Unicode DN in DN-DN attributes - member, memberof, manager, directreports
Added extra field on Objects tab to display UTF-8 encoded DN, only displayed for Unicode DNs

Connection Profiles - Added option to specify the LDAP Protocol Version to be used for the profile.  The default LDAP Protocol selection is Version 3.

This software is Freeware.  You use NetTools at your own risk. I do not warrant this software to be fit for any purpose and I cannot be held accountable for any form of data loss that occurs as a result of using this program, you use it at your own risk.