Beta version of NetTools

Note: This is the current beta version of NetTools, while it may contain new or additional features over the stable release version, it could also have issues which haven't yet been fixed.  There is no guarantee that all feature in this version will make it into the next release.  If you do find an issue with this version please let me know via the contact page.

Latest Version: v1.30.6 (Beta)   

Changes in v1.30.6

GPO Explorer - Fixed display updates when switching from OU to WMI and back again
LDAP Search - Fixed intermittent exception error that could happen when using meta data attribute types. Fixed bug in the getdn subst variable that could cause an exception.
Ping -  Added option to specify the ICMP packet size used for the ping
Permissions dialog - Added additional caching at the profile level to improve performance and reduce data requests. Will improve the performance of ACL Browser, Find Trustee, Permissions dialog, and GPO explorer

Changes in v1.30.5

Certificate Checker - Added support for wildcard certificates
Schema Version - Fixed bug introduced in 1.30.4 where the forest version is not displayed correctly

Changes in v1.30.4

Certificate Checker - A new feature to verify the certificate that are assigned to website, including the revocation status
SDDL Viewer - a new feature to display SDDL strings in the Permissions dialog
AD Properties - Fixed context menu on delegation tab to allow linked SPN tests
AD Sites - Updated to include a dsBind test to test RPC connection, also updated to support profiles
LDAP Browser - Added button to allow a DN to be opened in a separate window
LDAP Search - Certificate verification date format now based on regional settings.  When connecting using SSL it will now displays the SSL connection information
Site Browser - Added addition error reporting for Validate function and added DsBind test. Subnets that are not linked to a site are shown as <not assigned>
Schema Version - Updated to support Exchange 2019 CU11 & 2016 CU22
AD Subnet - Subnet that are not linked to a site are shown as <not assigned>
Error Messages - updated to also return error details for WinInet error codes

Changes in v1.30.3

AD Properties - Added option to display the details of time and date of the membership changes for a group
Org Structure context menu - Added an extra context menu item to display a separate window with the org structure

Changes in v1.30.2

AD Properties - Fixed memberof bug, some groups are not displayed if the displayname is not set
Base64 - Updated to support encoding a SID string to binary in Base64 and back to SID String
LDAP Search Enum dialog - Updated context menu to allow selection of bit operator
SID Converter - Updated to include icons for resolved names and now if a SID is not found, it will now check if the domain SID exists to confirm if the SID has been deleted or the domain is invalid

Changes in v1.30.1

Define the enum DecodesType for GPOptions, ServerState, ForceLogoff
Set DecodeType for AuditPolicy to DecodeType BIN
Added DecodeType GMSAPWD.PWD_B and GMSAPWD.PPWD_B to display GMSA password in byte based binary output
User Search dialog - updated so if only one user account found, it automatically returns the single entry.
AD Properties - updated Logon tab to include Password Expires based on the msDS-UserPasswordExpiryTimeComputed attribute

This software is Freeware.  You use NetTools at your own risk. I do not warrant this software to be fit for any purpose and I cannot be held accountable for any form of data loss that occurs as a result of using this program, you use it at your own risk.