LDAP Search – Display Filters

LDAP Search provides a second level of filtering on the formatted results returned by the LDAP server. This means that a filter can be created based on the decodedformatted value of attributes for which a standard LDAP query can’t be constructed  If a display filter is specified only the returned entries that match the filter are displayed. The filter syntax is based on CC++ formatting
The display filter has the following format:

<Attribute[;Type]> <Operator> <[Value][List Name]> [Logical Operator] [condition2] [Logical Operator] [condition3] [...]

Attribute -The name of the attribute, the attribute must be included in the results returned by the query
Type - The type operator is used to convert the returned value to a different data type before comparison.  By default NetTools converts all data returned into text, to perform comparison with other data type you must convert the data into the correct data type.
The follow data types are supported:
Int - Convert to an integer
Date - Convert to a date, the converted format is dd/mm/yyyy

Operator           The comparison operator, supported operators are:

==        Equal
!=         Not Equal
>=        Greater than or equal
<=        less than or equal
>          Greater than
<          Less than
##        In list
!#         Not in list
%%      Contain an item in the list
!%        does not contain an item in the list
Regx    Provide Regular Expression matching on the attribute
Value - The value that is be compared against. Wildcard are allowed for string comparisons, tuple queries are supported.
List Name - The name of the list in the Member List tab to used with the ## and !# operators

Logical Operator The logic used to evaluate multiple conditions

&&     And comparison
||         Or comparison


name == gary* && age;int >= 21
description == *room*
whencreated;date > 14/1/11
name ## List1
name regx ^[sS][a-z]*

Limitation: Using the display filter with a list with a large number of members can seriously impact the speed and performance of searches.  The condition logic doesn’t support nested conditions. The format of the filter must be entered with a space between each element of the filter.

Manage Lists
This option is used in conjunction with the LDAP search display filter.  Up to 20 lists can be loaded and referenced in the display filters.

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