LDAP Performance

LDAP Performance

LDAP Performance is used to display the time to complete a number of actions over a number of iterations.  The metrics that are displayed are Initialization, Connect, Bind, RootDSE, and One level.

Initialization  - the time taken to initialize LDAP API class, should be close to zero
Connect – this is the time taken for the ldap_bind API to make a connection to the specified server
Bind – the time to complete a bind or user authentication against the server, if the Purge Kerberos option is selected, the Kerberos tickets are purged at the start of each iteration and a Kerberos ticket request is performed.
RootDSE – the time taken for the server to return the default parameters in the RootDSE
One Level – this is the time taken for all the objects at the first level of the directory to be retruned.

Once complete the Avg, Min, Max for each metric is returned.

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