Kerberos Tickets

The Kerberos Tickets options provides the same features as the klist utility, plus a few extra options.

The Refresh button will display the current Kerberos tickets assigned to the current user context. The Purge All button will delete all the currently assigned Kerberos tickets. Individual Kerberos tickets can be purged by using the context menu.  The Request option allows you to request a Kerberos ticket based on the entered SPN. The SPN must be entered in the correct format, e.g. cifs/testad, when the Request button is pressed the SPN is passed to the KDC to be fulfilled, if successful, the new ticket will be display in the list.

The details of the Flags attributed of a individual ticket can is displayed by double clicking on the ticket or selecting Properties from the context menu.

Kerberos Falgs

The Kerberos Ticket option also includes the ability to read the Kerberos tickets assigned to other sessions running on the host.  The ... button will list all the sessions currently active, selecting a session will display the tickets.  To be able to view the details of other session requires Act as part of the Operating System right.

LDAP Performance

LDAP Performance is used to display the time to complete a number of actions over a number of iterations.  The metrics that are displayed are Initialization, Connect, Bind, RootDSE, and One level.

Initialization  - the time taken to initialize LDAP API class, should be close to zero
Connect – this is the time taken for the ldap_bind API to make a connection to the specified server
Bind – the time to complete a bind or user authentication against the server, if the Purge Kerberos option is selected, the Kerberos tickets are purged at the start of each iteration and a Kerberos ticket request is performed.
RootDSE – the time taken for the server to return the default parameters in the RootDSE
One Level – this is the time taken for all the objects at the first level of the directory to be retruned.

Once complete the Avg, Min, Max for each metric is returned.